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    The GALEX mission and detectors


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    We describe the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) satellite that was launched in April 2003 specifically to accomplish far ultraviolet (FUV) and near ultraviolet (NUV) imaging and spectroscopic sky-surveys. GALEX is currently providing new and significant information on how galaxies form and evolve over a period that encompasses 80% of the history of the Universe. This is being accomplished by the precise measurement of the UV brightness of galaxies which is a direct measurement of their rate of star formation. We briefly describe the design of the GALEX mission followed by an overview of the instrumentation that comprises the science payload. We then focus on a description of the development of the UV sealed tube micro-channel plate detectors and provide data that describe their on-orbit performance. Finally, we provide a short overview of some of the science highlights obtained with GALEX.
    機譯:我們描述了2003年4月發射的Galaxy Evolution Explorer(GALEX)衛星,該衛星專門用于完成遠紫外線(FUV)和近紫外線(NUV)成像以及光譜天空觀測。 GALEX目前正在提供有關銀河系如何形成和演化的新的重要信息,該時期涵蓋了宇宙歷史的80%。這是通過精確測量星系的紫外線亮度來實現的,這是對星系恒星形成速率的直接測量。我們簡要描述了GALEX任務的設計,然后概述了包含科學有效載荷的儀器。然后,我們將重點介紹紫外線密封管微通道板檢測器的發展,并提供描述其在軌性能的數據。最后,我們簡要概述了使用GALEX獲得的一些科學亮點。



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